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The witcher 2 dice poker mod

the witcher 2 dice poker mod

Dice poker is an addictive game played throughout the The Continentand it is very popular in Temeria. If you are good enough, it is a great mod of making money. After finding a starter box of dice, Geralt is given the quest A Game of Dice. Opponents can be found poker and wide as it seems mercenaries took it with them to the farthest reaches of the kingdoms as they scattered after the war. A dice witcher could finance many little extras with the witcher of witxher few games. Each game has two rounds and each round has two rolls. Geralt always starts.
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  • By the way that description "savecumming" sound very naughty then it should lol. Cyclonus View Profile View Posts. I noticed some players had the dice stacked in their favor. Yes the novice players are dice annoying than their higher counterparts. Honestly the go for triples, its harder to get anything better than that.

    Like if you have a chance to go for full house, don't bother rethrow your lowest pair and hope to get a triple. Also looks like you can only play the king once, it wasn't too hard I had a hard witcher hell time with carmen poker the max to get the most money, albeit at this point mod the game money is worthless. And yes I savescurmmed hardcore.

    The Witcher dice poker | Witcher Wiki | Fandom

    I have made a mod which lets you finish a Dice Poker game after first round, plus it lowers the AI of opponents. I hardly believe if there's a poksr to make win-only mod.

    Hope this helps, cheers. You can endorse this file to let me know if this helped you, i will appreciate that :.

    the witcher 2 dice poker mod

    Oh, after fully reading your post i see what is your problem now : You see, the devs made a difficulty of 3 for players like Odo in 1 act or Adda while difficulty of 1 is written for npcs like De Wett etc. Lowered AI mod which is included with one round mod is reducing that difficulty alot, try it.

    the witcher 2 dice poker mod

    I really do not see why you are having such difficulty with it. It feels like a chance of winning to me. I like to savescum reload every time I lose, save every diec I winand I'm racking up the money wicher a filthy cheater. If you haven't won even once, then your game is just bugged It's not exactly a chance, this minigame consists of some mechanisms that favors npcs, and they depend on a difficulty number set for that opponent.

    I know that feel and that's why i made this mod. Yeah sure, but even then, he says he's been playing for HOURS against a single opponent and haven't won once.

    May 31,  · Has anyone made a mod for the Witcher that lets you win dice poker every time? I've been playing for hours against a novice player and haven't won a single round. It's obvious that it's weighted towards the computer so it gets consistently better odds. I hate purely random games to begin with, and having it stacked against you means there is no reason to play to begin with. Jul 23,  · Soo, the dice poker game is somewhat frustrating in TW2, even more so than the original, what with the NPC opponents always one-upping you just barely. So I poked around the game files, tried to do the same that some other mod (sorry, can't remember which) for TW1 made it so you'd always win, no matter the hands thrown. May 02,  · The dice poker minigame is very poorly designed in this game anyway. The npc always gets to act last and therefore has a fairly huge information advantage. In poker terms this is called being 'in position'. They should have let you roll a dice to determine who starts the first round and then rotate.

    So it's either a bugged game or a bugged brain. Last edited by MasterCrumble ; 31 May, pm.

    I only had problem with one NPC once that is professional dice player took me an hour to beat him he would have one against me every time it maybe the dumb luck of his and bad witchet mine at the time but most time this simply doesn't happen often. That's how RNG works in this game : Yhe are many peoples frustrated about this minigame, in free time i will research the game's 2da tables and see if i can make it instant-win only.

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    Dice Poker Mod? :: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition General Discussions

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    Achievement Guide for Poker!

    Repeat once more if needed. If you still haven't won after three tries, you need to study the odds! By this method, assuming you can win half your matches, you will usually come away with at least a small monetary gain. The chance of losing three matches in a row pkoer If your hand is worse than your opponent's, call.

    If it is much worse and the opponent raises, fold unless it's the third hand; by that time the pot is usually rich enough that it's worth your while to call unless your opponent has an unbeatable hand. If your hand is better than the opponent's, raise.

    Tips on the Dice Poker? :: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition General Discussions

    ;oker it's much better, raise the limit A smart opponent will often fold to you if you make him pay too much to stay in with his bad hand. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

    Poker! Achievement in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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