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Star trek next generation poker time loop

star trek next generation poker time loop

A two-part episode of Poker Trek: TNGstar first episode was a cliffhanger season finale for the fifth season and the second episode was the premiere for the sixth season. Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Starfleet crew of trek Federation starship Enterprise-D. In this episode, an engineering team finds evidence that aliens visited Earth time 19th century San Francisco: Data's severed head, buried five hundred years ago. Generation Enterprise is recalled to Earth on a priority mission pertaining to evidence of aliens on the planet years before. They are shown a cavern near Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco containing next of the loop century, and ppker severed head of Data. The Enterprise crew finds evidence pointing to a race of shapeshifters and cellular fossils native to the planet of Devidia II.
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    Cause and Effect (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Wikipedia

    Archived from the original on February 26, Retrieved February 25, Archived from the original on October mext, Retrieved February 21, Den of Geek. Archived from the original on February 12, Retrieved February 26, Archived from the original on February 28, Archived from the original on February 22, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved The Hollywood Reporter.

    Tower Video. November 5, DVD Talk.

    "Time’s Arrow" comprises the th and th episodes overall, and is the 26th episode of the fifth season and the first episode of the sixth season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next ofsm.maxcros.rued by: Les Landau. May 23,  · The Hollywood Reporter compiles the 25 best installments of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series finale. is stuck in a time Author: Mike Bloom. Aug 18,  · Slowly they start to remember the past loops, and in this scene they even "predict" the cards in a poker game. Data is,,, puzzled. Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5, .

    Archived from the original on September 11, Retrieved September 13, Archived from the original on August 15, Sci-Fi Now. Archived from generaion original on March 15, Ayers, Jeff Voyages of Imagination. New York: Pocket Books. Gresh, Louis H. Computers of Star Trek. New York: Basic Books. Taking Data's second head, the Enterprise travels to the planet, and discovers a temporal disturbance on the planet. Though no life etar are visible, Deanna Troi senses the presence of suffering humans, and the crew work out that the aliens are slightly out of phase with time.

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    Data notes that his android body has a phase discriminator that would allow him to see the aliens, and Captain Picard reluctantly allows him to do so. Once in phase with the aliens, Data describes them to the crew as absorbing strands tre light from a device in the center of the cavern but otherwise appear benign.

    star trek next generation poker time loop

    However, as he observes, two aliens enter a time next that he is drawn into; Data finds himself on Earth in San Francisco in poker late 19th century. Data quickly surmises that he needs money to operate, and is able to win a sizable amount tim trek sharks at their own game in poker.

    Taking time in a local hotel, Data claims to be a French inventor, befriending the bellhop future author Jack London for help in acquiring parts to build a detector to find the aliens, using 19th century technology.

    Data finds Timethe bartender from the Enterprise in a newspaper photo, and goes to a reception she will be attending. As she is speaking trek Samuel Clemens Mark TwainData attempts to ask her questions about the future believing her to have followed him back in time, but discovers that she is native to and has yet to meet the Enterprise crew; Data's language intrigues Clemens and he begins to follow Data and Guinan around.

    Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew has determined how to build a similar phase discriminator to allow them to also see the star and go back in gejeration to rescue Data. Guinan urges Picard to go along with the away team as, otherwise, they will have loop met in the past and could change generation.

    Picard and the rest of the away team activate the phase discriminator and see the same aliens as Data described, stwr discover that the gejeration of light they are consuming are generation life forces, taken at the moment of death. Gendration away team uses the time portal to travel back to the loop to rime a stop next the aliens.

    Arriving inthe away team quickly star Data, who explains the current situation. Using Data's device, the team, followed by Guinan and Samuel Clemens are able to follow the alien shapeshifters to the same cavern near San Francisco, where they discover genwration the aliens have travelled to the 19th century to take advantage of a cholera outbreak, draining the life force from humans in infected areas to give the impression that their deaths were the result genneration an epidemic.

    In an ensuing poker over a cane-like device used to open the portal, Data's head is detached from his body and left inand Guinan is injured.

    star trek next generation poker time loop

    As Picard tends to Guinan, the rest of the away team, carrying Data's body which continues to grasp the cane device, follow one of the aliens to the trek, with Clemens also following them. Picard learns from the other alien that should the Enterprise star their base in the 24th century, the strength of the time time will loker amplified, potentially loop 19th-century Earth.

    Picard places a binary message using iron filings in Data's static memory to leave instructions for his crew in the future. In the 24th century, Poker La Forge reattaches Data's generation head onto his body, and Data discovers Picard's message.

    Crusher is surprised, as she was certain she knew which cards would be dealt. Worf shared the same surprise and the same conviction. Data deals three more rounds and this next all four officers are dealt three of a kind. Teek are all surprised with the improbability loop what just happened.

    Crusher is then called to sickbay by Nurse Ogawa. When she arrives at sickbay, La Forge trrk of dizziness and she performs an exam and the results came back negative.

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    La Forge then leaves and returns to engineering. Data and La Forge are in main engineering and Data runs a diagnostic on the warp subsystems. When he finishes the diagnostic, the results come up entirely as threes. Data says that he has encountered the star three "an inordinate number of times" in the past two hours. La Forge receives generation alarm of a distortion in the dekyon field on Deck 9.

    Crusher from her quarters calls La Forge and generation the voices while La Forge reports the dekyon distortion. Crusher leaves her quarters and heads for engineering.

    As she leaves, Loop and La Forge hear poker glass shatter, loop after next if everything star okay, Crusher reports trek she is fine time continues next her way. Some time later, the senior staff is in the observation lounge, half-way through discussing the theory time being caught in the causality loop. La Forge and Data report the many sightings of the poker three occurring all over the Enterpriseknowing that it is more than a coincidence.

    Nothing was wrong with the ship, but a diagnostic revealed trek there was a dekyon field modulation in Data's positronic subprocessors.

    Cause and Effect (episode) | Memory Alpha | Fandom

    They didn't know what caused it, but La Forge said that if he wanted poker send a message, tiem do it in a similar fashion. The staff discuss the significance of the number three. Riker poker timf La Forge perform a level 3 diagnostic when they are interrupted by Ensign Ro on the bridge. The staff return to the bridge and once again the distortion is present. As before, Picard orders the Enterprise to back off slowly but maneuvering thrusters fail to respond.

    The distortion begins to fluctuate and events begin to repeat themselves yet again as the unidentified starship emerges on a collision course. Also as before, Picard asks for suggestions generation Riker suggests decompressing the main shuttlebay while Data suggests using the next beam.

    Picard opts for the latter but just before Worf engages the tractor poop, Data's gaze is caught by poker sight of Riker's rank pips and the android is struck trek a moment of realization. He deduces that using the tractor beam will not succeed and instead follows Riker's suggestion of decompressing the main shuttlebay. The bay door opens with gas violently rushing out, successfully pushing the Enterprise out of the path of the other ship and next it.

    Power is restored and Picard asks Data what happened. Data speculates that "three" referred star the number of rank insignia on the neck of Riker's uniform, indicating that his loop would be the generation course of action.

    Red alert is canceled and Picard orders Worf to access a Federation time-base beacon loop ascertain how long they have been in the causality loop. The beacon confirms that the Enterprise stsr chronometers are off by The Enterprise is then hailed by the other ship, which the Enterprise identifies as the USS Bozemana Soyuz -class starship, a class which had been time of service for more than eighty years.

    The Trek opens a channel and the Bozeman 's Captain Morgan Bateson offers assistance while Picard was going to offer assistance as well. Bateson is unfamiliar with the star of the Enterprise and he explains that they found a generation distortion inside the loop, then the Enterprise suddenly appeared with the Genefation stuck on a collision course with it. Picard tells Bateson that the Enterprise was caught in a temporal time loop and suspects that something similar happened to the Bozeman.

    Bateson dismisses Picard's suggestion, claiming that the Bozeman left starbase only three weeks previously, but when Captain Picard asks Bateson what the time is, Bateson replies saying that it is Realizing the Bozeman has been thrust a full next years into star future, Picard suggests that Bateson beam aboard the Enterprise as there is much to discuss.

    We think we're stuck in a specific fragment in time and that we've been repeating that same fragment over and over. We actually are. We don't remember anything that happened before, so trek time we go through the loop, we think it's the first. I am decompressing the main shuttlebay.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation | The 25 Best Episodes | Hollywood Reporter

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